February 22 in aviation: an Antonov An-24RV crashes near Baia Mare.

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On February 22, 1996, the worst plane crash in the history of Maramureș County took place. At the "Saint John" quarry, 10 people lost their lives following the crash of an Antonov An-24RV plane, registered YR-BMK.

The aircraft took off from Băneasa Airport (BBU) at 11:25, for a calibration flight, flying to Satu Mare (SUJ) and Baia Mare (BAY). It was a calibration flight organized quarterly to test the PAR and NBD landing equipment of Baia Mare Airport.

* PAR - Precision Approach Radar

* NDB - Non-Directional (Radio) Beacon

The plane crashed 10 km from Baia Mare airport.

After the completion of the calibration flight to Satu Mare, the flight continued to Baia Mare. Approaches were performed at three different QFE altitudes in both directions of the runway (96 degrees and 276 degrees on runway 10/28).

While the crew was positioning the plane for landing at Baia Mare, the air traffic controller reported unfavorable weather conditions, as the fog had become very dense. The ceiling had dropped from 450 m to 240 m, and the visibility was less than 3 km.

A few minutes later, the transmission stopped.

Witnesses said the plane circled the city several times, after which it crashed into its quarry, 10 km from Baia Mare airport. All the people on board died. Two other victims were on the ground and were working in the quarry, and the plane crashed over them. The list of victims was: Corneliu Șutiu - pilot, Ioan Bibire - co-pilot, Radu Gheorghe Brâncuş, Gheorghe Florescu, Ioan Stănilă, Bogdan George Sindilar, Marcel Foca, Adinel Octavian Ciobănescu, passengers of the plane, respectively Aurel Radu and Virgil Cordea, career workers .

According official accident report, it was caused by "Defective execution of the turn maneuver on the magnetic head 276 degrees."

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