DIGI 24 does not quote the source - the journalists from Business Club Digi 24 have been fooled since April 1

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I was surprised to find that DIGI 24 took, without citing the source, the scam I launched on April 1. This was related to the inauguration of the Bucharest-Beijing route by an airline that does not have a hub in Beijing.


Above you have a print screen made for an interesting article, but it all started from the news Beijing - Bucharest with China Eastern Airlines, since the summer of 2013, a prank conceived and designed by Airlines Travel for April 1, the day of fools. Last night I also made the appropriate update announcing the farce and one of the wrong elements intentionally inserted in the text.

Currently, DIGI 24 removed the article from the site, after changing the text and everything was focused on the analysis done to the TAROM air operator. They also deleted the post from facebook, but I managed to make a print screen on time.


It did not bother me because I was an inspiration, it did not bother me because they tried to correct the mistake, but it upset me the way they tried to erase the traces of a journalistic error and did not acknowledge their guilt about mentioning the source. Although any novice reporter knows that a news item needs to be verified from three sources, DIGI 24 has taken over the scam-containing newsletter, which is obviously incorrect, without even checking whether China Eastern Airlines operates from Beijing.

As an informative note: China Eastern Airlines is based at Shanghai Pudong International Airport again China Southern Airlines and Air China have hubs in Beijing.

I don't understand how hard it is to mention the source, all the more so as you are shown to be the only source regarding the news. And those from Click took over the news, but they did it in copy / paste style and mentioned the source, without an active link, even if they ate an "s" from airlinestravel.ro.

  1. Petruş Lungu says

    Sorin, since I've been following you on Facebook, I've noticed that you have an affinity for Digi24 for news.

    Who knows how many "dumplings" of these you swallowed from them. That he's just checking the news. 🙂

    However, if these takeovers have started, it means that you are on the right track with the project. The biggest! What I want.

  2. Master RA says

    This denotes the professionalism of the people from Digi!

  3. Radu Tanasescu says

    Certainly somewhere at Digi 24 a nervous boss screams at an employee now. The employee who made the mistake of publishing the article. It is likely that it is screaming at one employee and not at many. In general, for the production of a mistake, more people have to fail in the chain, but that doesn't matter. Atonement to be.

    Coming is obvious to the leadership. The environment and mentality they created there produced this result. But what matters? I give out a sucker, or at least cut them from the salary and of course everything will be better.


    1. Sorin Rusi says

      The report is very ok done. The problem is not that they were fooled:)… We're just talking about an April Fool's prank. The problem is that they did not recognize and did not give the source. They also tried to cover the tracks

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