February 24 in aviation: pilot Leon Collet dies after a stupid stunt.

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Leon Collet, a French pilot, a lieutenant in reserve at Orly, was killed after flying through the base of the Eiffel Tower. His plane crashed and burned after colliding with cables on a radio antenna.

February 24, 1924, Leon chose to fly his Breguet 19 through the base The Eiffel Tower. This crazy idea started after a bet with one of his friends.

As the sun went blind, he could not see a TSF antenna in front of him and headed for it. Although he tried to straighten the aircraft, it will end up in flames. The aviator was 32 years old and died charred.

February 24 aviation-pilot-Leon-Collet-dies-in-a-stupid-stunt

Other aviation events on February 24th.

February 24, 1989, after leaving the airport in Honolulu (Hawaii), takes place United Airlines Flight 811 crash soldier with nine casualties.


February 24, 2011, takes place llaunch of the Discovery space shuttle (OV-103).

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