3 787-10 Dreamliner aircraft for ANA

3 Boeing 787-10 aircraft and 5 737-800 aircraft for ANA

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On 30 January 2015, All Nippon Airways (ANA) has expressed its intention to order 3 Boeing 787-10 and 5 aircraft 737-800 Next-Generation for fleet flexibility. The payment note will amount to $ 1.4 billion, if calculated at the "menu" price. But ANA I think has a loyalty card and will get a discount, at least for Dreamliner, being the first ASIA company to operate the entire 787 Dreamliner family.

If we take a little time back, we remember that All Nippon Airways (ANA) was the launch customer for the 787 project, and now becomes the newest customer for 787-10. Currently, ANA has 34 fleet of aircraft NEVER Dreamliner 49 operational and custom aircraft.

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Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner is the "big brother" of the 787 family. It has a length of 68.30 m and a carrying capacity of up to 323 of passengers in a configuration with 3 classes. Provides a very good quality / price / performance ratio at the operational level and retains the basic advantages of a Dreamliner. The only minus for his "brothers" is autonomy. Boeing 787-10 can fly up to 13 000 miles at full load.

About Boeing 737-800 I don't tell you much. It is the best-selling model in the 737 Next-Generation family and benefits from the latest and most modern technology developed for single-aisle aircraft. To date, Boeing 737 NG has received orders for 6800 units.

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