4 destinations where James Bond played in Specter

4 destinations where you can follow in the footsteps of Bond, James Bond!

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On 6 November 2015, the latest movie series release has been released James Bond, "Specter". What can you expect? Surprising changes of situation, fantastic actors, an exceptional scenario and surprising locations are just some of the ingredients of a new blockbuster movie.

In addition, fans who want to feel like the real James Bond, at least for a moment, can go visit the places where Daniel Craig and Monica Bellucci filmed for "Specter".

In the footsteps of Bond, James Bond

Car Racing in Rome
Rome is one of the cities where James Bond shows his skills at the wheel of an Aston Martin DB 10.

You can go on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, the road that crosses Rome and where the car races took place. It bears the name of Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of Italy.

If you want to visit Rome and follow in the footsteps of the 007 agent, we encourage you to choose a city break, especially since the prices for Bucharest - Rome flights are available at prices below 20 euros (Ryanair offer).

Tea at 5 with Mr. Bond
Because Spectre is a British inspired film, in the UK there are a lot of places where movie scenes were shot.

Westminster Bridge and Big Ben are just two of the most well-known London landmarks not missing from "Specter". On the other hand, the filming of the new film also took place at Blenheim Palace, Woodstock.

Those who want to serve tea on Bond's footsteps at his home must consider London trip. Why? In addition to the locations where the "Specter" filming took place, James Bond fans can visit the London Film Museum, where they will be able to see the largest collection of original James Bond cars.

Thanks to the public demand, the museum will keep the exhibition "Bond in Motion" for an indefinite period.

Plus London is at 3 flight hours and fares start at NOT EURO / segment.

Sun in Morocco
The James Bond films have always been known for their exotic locations, with action scenes happening around the world, from Jamaica ("Dr No") to Shanghai ("Skyfall").

And this time, the "Specter" team traveled outside Europe, some of the scenes being filmed in the Saharan area of ​​Morocco, where filming for "The Mummy" and "Prince of Persia" took place.

The shootings for "Specter" were of such a magnitude that, according to the media, the preparations lasted four months.

If you are captivated by the Moroccan charm and dream of a short and sunny break from the cold of winter, you can already plan your vacation. A New Year's holiday in Casablanca it's not a bad idea.

New scenes in Austria
One of the countries that enjoyed numerous visits from the "Specter" team was Austria, where the filming took place mainly during the month of January.

The team shot some amazing scenes at Obertillach, which included a plane (a Beechcraft Super King Air with the OE-FZO sign) crashing and some explosions.

For the shooting, a wooden hut was built especially. Filming of the scenes that took place in the center of the plane also took place in Kartitsch.


Austria, extremely popular with skiers, is an excellent destination for winter vacations. The Altaussee Lake area, which also hosted footage for "Specter", offers numerous opportunities for skiing, as well as other Bond-style activities.

And if you haven't seen the movie yet, we recommend that you do not waste time!

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