The Boeing 737-400 (PK-YVO) will be transformed into a restaurant

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Over time, I have had the joy of reading about several airplanes transformed into houses, restaurants, museums and tourist attractions. Not all old planes get destroyed, and this is part of the preservation of history.

Boeing 737-400-PK-YVO


Boeing 737-400-PK-YVO

These days, CCTVNews published several pictures with the Boeing 737-400 (PK-YVO) aircraft in the middle of Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. It didn't happen by accident. A local merchant bought the aircraft and wants to open a restaurant. He spent 5.3 million dollars on this project.

It will use the aircraft as a decoration and intends to retain even the cockpit to provide a unique customer experience. According to the plan, the restaurant will open in June 2016.

Boeing 737-400 (PK-YVO) is 27.4 years old. The first flight operated on 11 October 1988. He flew for British Midland, Mandala Airlines, and the last operator was Batavia Air.

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