April 4 in aviation: ICAO was launched, the launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger STS-6, the launch of the Space Shuttle Columbia STS-83.

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On April 4, 194, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) was officially established in Montreal, Canada. It is an intergovernmental organization set up to regulate air transport worldwide, its authority being limited to the number of signatory countries.

Other aviation events on April 4.

Jodel D11's first flight.

On April 4, 1950, the first flight of the Jodel D11 (F-BBBF) aircraft took place. Jodel D.11 was a French two-seater monoplane designed and developed by Société Avions Jodel in response to a request from the French government for a low-wing aircraft to be used by the nation's many emerging flight clubs. More than 3.000 examples were built and operated.

A CIA Lockheed U-2 plane crashed in Nevada.

On April 4, 1957, CIA Lockheed U-2, the first U-2, was lost in an accident in the Nevada test area during a Project Rainbow test flight, with test pilot Bob Sieker killed. The engine failed at 20.000 m altitude. As the pressure increased, the pilot suffered from hypoxia and lost consciousness. The aircraft sank.

The pilot regained consciousness at low altitude and managed to save himself, but it was too late. The parachute did not have time to unfold completely. The aircraft crashed 64 km north of the farm and took four days to be found by air. The pilot was only 61 meters away from the aircraft. Kelly Johnson requested a new front plate design, a dual oxygen regulator and an ejection seat that could be used with the existing design.

British Overseas Airways Corporation has begun operating its first service to Mexico.

On April 4, 1966, the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) began operating the first scheduled service to Mexico. The race was operated through Bermuda and Kingston (Jamaica).

Southern Airways Flight 242 landed on a highway near New Hope.

On April 4, 1977, Southern Airways Flight 242, a Douglas DC-9, landed on a highway near New Hope, Georgia, after a double engine failure due to a storm. 63 of the 85 people on board the plane were killed, along with 9 other people on the ground.

Trans World Airlines Flight 841 landed urgently.

On April 4, 1979, Trans World Airlines Flight 841, a Boeing 727-31 with 89 people on board, flew from New York City's John F. Kennedy International Airport to Minneapolis Paul International Airport in Minnesota. it turned sharply to the right over Saginaw (Michigan) and plunged from 11.887 m.

Despite corrective action, the aircraft continued to lose altitude. The crew managed to get out of the dive at 5.000 feet (1.524 m). Eight passengers suffered minor injuries from exposure to high G-forces. The plane landed urgently in Detroit, Michigan, without further incident.

Launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger STS-6.

On April 4, 1983, the Space Shuttle Challenger STS-6 was launched at 18:30:00 UTC. The main missions of the ship were the implementation of TDRS, but also the first flight of the Challenger, this being the first spacecraft with extra-vehicular activity.

Oleg Antonov died.

On April 4, 1984, Oleg Antonov, a Soviet aircraft engineer, died (b. 1906). Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov was a Soviet aircraft designer and painter, the founder of the Antonov Scientific / Technical Aeronautical Complex (ASTC), a world-renowned Ukrainian airline, later named in his honor.

Oleg-Antonov died

Flight Garuda Indonesia 035 hit a pole and crashed in Sumatra.

On 4 April 1987, Garuda Indonesia 035, a Douglas DC-9-32, struck a pole and crashed near Medan-Poland Airport in Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia. A fire followed the accident and killed 23 of the 45 people on board the aircraft, and the other 22 survivors were injured.

KLM Cityhopper Flight 433 crashed while trying to return to Schiphol Airport.

On April 4, 1994, KLM Cityhopper Flight 433, a Saab 340, crashed while trying to return to Schiphol Airport, due to a pilot error, but also to a malfunction of the equipment: The pilot and two passengers died, and nine passengers were injured.

Launch of the Space Shuttle Columbia STS-83.

On April 4, 1997, the Columbia STS-83 Space Shuttle was launched at 2:20: 32.074 pm EST. Mission highlights were removed due to fuel cell issues.

Air China Airbus A321-213 was damaged during a landing.

On April 4, 2009, the Air China Airbus A321-213 (B-6556) aircraft was damaged during a landing at Beijing Capital International Airport. A vertical deceleration of 3.03G was recorded, but the aircraft landed safely.

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