Austria applies new restrictive measures internally, valid until 6 December

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As of 17:2020 on 00 November 00, the new restrictive measures applied in Austria have entered into force. They are valid until December 6, inclusive, but with the possibility of extending the period.

The regulations on the movement of persons in the public space, on the territory of Austria, are valid until new provisions, at least until November 26, 2020 (inclusive).

Austria does NOT impose a State of Emergency

Austria does not impose a State of Emergency, but measures are taken under COVID-19. Let's see the new restrictive measures imposed by the Vienna authorities.

When traveling in public, you must the following measures have been observed:

  • In outdoor public spaces and indoors a distance of at least one must be maintained one metre compared to people who do not live in the same household.
  • Total ban on leaving home 24 hours a day, with certain exceptions: to go to work (if "telework" is not possible), for urgent personal needs, in case of imminent danger, to provide assistance to others or for physical or mental recovery, resolving issues administrative and legal matters that do not suffer postponement, participation in electoral elections.
  • Restricting contacts to one person outside the household, both in private and public spaces. In addition to housing, the police can control other private spaces: outbuildings, garages, yards, etc.

Other measures applied in the territory of Austria

  • All catering establishments are closed, home delivery is still allowed, as well as hotels, which can only accommodate people traveling for business.
  • All cultural and entertainment institutions are closed, including museums and zoos, except libraries.
  • Leisure places are closed, except for parks and churches.
  • The sports halls and bases are closed, access being allowed only to performance athletes.
  • Commercial units are closed, except for grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, banks, post offices, tobacconists, bicycle and car workshops, waste disposal companies.
  • The entire education system will take place online.
List of measures taken by Austria in the fight against the new coronavirus

Wearing a protective mask is mandatory in public places, in enclosed rooms, in hospitals, care centers and other places where health services are provided, as well as in the area of ​​public transport and waiting areas (subway stations, platforms, car stations, railway stations, airports and their connecting structures).

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