Brașov Airport has started the process of extending the schedule from 12 hours to 16 hours!

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The way in which the activity is carried out at the Braşov-Ghimbav International Airport and the needs identified at the level of all the institutions involved in the operation of this objective of strategic importance for the development of our county and the entire area, are aspects closely followed by the leadership of the county public administration.

Şerban Todorică-Constantin, the president of the Braşov County Council, participated on Monday, September 25, in a meeting with Marius-Adrian Cojoc, the general director of the Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration ROMATSA RA, on the topic of the current schedule of the Braşov Airport and the perspectives of its modification in the context of the expansion of air transport activities.

Brașov Airport is taking steps to extend its operating hours

The discussions were held in Bucharest, in the presence of representatives of the administrative and executive management of the Autonomous Authority "Brasov-Ghimbav International Airport" RA, officials from the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority (AACR) and ROMATSA specialists - without whose contribution and involvement the Airport's operationalization Brasov on June 15, 2023 would have been impossible.

On this occasion, the president CJ Braşov reaffirmed the need to continue and strengthen the partnership that the county administration has developed in recent years with the two authorities that regulate aeronautical activity at the national level, AACR and ROMATSA, a partnership initiated during the period in which he was in charge of the county learned Adrian-Ioan Veştea, Minister of Development, Public Works and Administration.

Şerban Todorică-Constantin expressed his conviction that all the decision-makers who contributed to the implementation of AIBG agree to adopt all the necessary measures to support and develop the transport activities provided by Romania's youngest and most modern airport, to the extent that they are objectively justified, based on some economic analyzes and in terms of the cost-benefit ratio.

Concretely, it was agreed that in the next period the executive management of RA "AIBG" should submit to ROMATSA a request to extend the operating schedule, based on documentation that takes into account both the economic data obtained from the first three months of airport activity , as well as the results of the airline companies' consultation on the topic of the current 7:00-19:00 schedule and their immediate or prospective interest in establishing an operating base in Braşov.

Also, the documentation will have to take into account the budgetary limitations of the "AIBG" Directorate and the extent to which the expansion of the work program will have an impact on the budget of the County Council. 

ROMATSA agreed to the proposal for a phased extension of the AIBG schedule, from 12 to 16 p.m.

We mention that during the discussions, the management of ROMATSA agreed to the proposal of a phased extension of the AIBG timetable, from 12 to 16 hours, so that the schedule corresponds to the needs of the air operators who are currently active at Braşov Airport or who are interested in starting flights.

"It is obvious to everyone that without the support, involvement and specialist expertise provided by ROMATSA, we would not have been able to open and operate our airport at the time we proposed and assumed. We still need ROMATSA and we count on the support of the management and Mr. General Director Marius-Adrian Cojoc to take all the measures that allow the extension of the operating schedule of Braşov Airport. I am convinced that an extended program is possible and feasible for all the factors involved", declared the president of the CJ Şerban Todorică-Constantin.

A new working meeting, in the same format, is scheduled at ROMATSA in the first part of October.

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