Brașov, on the first place in the top of tourists' preferences during the summer of 2023!

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Although it remains at the top of the ranking, the Romanian seaside has decreased in popularity compared to previous years. According to the online hotel platform, which conducted a study based on reservations from June to July 2023, Brașov occupies the first position in the list of the most popular summer destinations. Eforie Nord, Costinești, Bucharest and Mamaia follow.

Tourists also took full advantage of the two mini-vacations during the summer, namely the one on June 1st and Pentecost, when budget workers had an extended five-day weekend, and the St. Mary's, with a day off on August 14 and 15, these being the busiest periods in terms of bookings.

Summer prices: how much did the cheapest holiday at the seaside cost?

Regarding the average prices for the summer season in Romania, the rates have remained broadly at last summer's values. For example, the average price for one night's accommodation for a couple was 340 lei in the period June - August 2023, while the average price for one night's accommodation for a family (two adults + two children) was 536 lei lei.

For two nights of accommodation in Romania, tourists paid 763 lei per stay (two people), respectively 1.150 lei per stay (family). For five nights of accommodation in the country, Romanians spent 1.823 lei per stay (two people), respectively 2.656 lei per stay (family).

The cheapest package on was sold in a hotel in Saturn at the price of 173 lei, a package for a stay of two adults (two nights). Also, the cheapest package for the family was sold in Miercurea Ciuc, at the price of 850 lei, for four adults, for a duration of five nights. Last but not least, the cheapest package for families on the seaside was sold in the 2 Mai resort, at the price of 1.200 lei, for four people, for five nights.

What were the most popular summer destinations?

And this summer, a mountain destination, Brașov, is on the top of tourists' preferences, a sign that tourists are now turning their attention to alternative options on the Romanian coast. Eforie Nord, Costinești, Bucharest and Mamaia are among the most sought-after destinations in terms of the number of reservations. The three seaside resorts are also the ones chosen repeatedly by tourists who come to the sea.

As I said above, the periods of the two mini-holidays (June 1 & Pentecost and St. Mary's) were the busiest for summer tourism. According to the data, the day with the most check-ins was June 1, 2023, while the interval with the most check-ins at accommodation units in the country was between August 10 and 14 (with 66% of check-ins during the weekend of August 11-13).

The view, the sand and the coffee machine: what were the Romanians who traveled to the country looking for this summer?

According to the report, tourists are now looking for complex packages for their vacations, packages that include more than simple accommodation. For example, beach goers look for private beach, sunbeds and umbrellas included in the package so that they can enjoy a comfortable stay with more amenities included. Many of those who make reservations on are looking for rooms with a view or rooms with a hydromassage bath. In the case of the most romantic, the rooms with romantic decoration, where they can find rose petals and champagne, are in great demand.

"We often receive inquiries from Travelminit customers and we always try to work side by side with hoteliers and accommodation representatives to give them the best holiday experience. For example, before choosing an accommodation, tourists ask questions about the distance between the hotel and their beach/points of interest, transport options from the destination, Spa hours or parking options.

However, there is also a category of less common questions, but which relate to the personal comfort of tourists. These are related, for example, to the quality of the sand on the beach (more precisely, how fine it is) or to the features of the coffee machine in the room (whether it has beans or capsules)”, says Domokos Rudolf, customer relations team leader at Travelminit.

Author's note: It should be noted that this top is based on individual reservations registered on the platform. That's not to say that people didn't travel to the seaside, but most bought through various travel agencies specializing in seaside stays. Romanian seaside and are not included in this ranking.

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