Bulgaria sends military transport planes to Turkey

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After two major earthquakes in Turkey, Kahramanmaraş region, aid planes continue to fly in the region. Bulgaria, one of Turkey's neighbors, decided to send two planes of the Bulgarian Air Force to Adana. Bulgarian C-27J Spartan aircraft took off from Sofia, bound for Adana.

They carried aid, but also teams of rescuers who will be relocated to the region affected by the earthquakes.

"Was the strongest earthquake in the last 10 years in this area. It was felt with considerable intensity throughout the territory Turkey and something easier in Bulgaria, Romania and even in Albania”, said Prof. Plamena Raykova, seismologist from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

According to her, the aftershocks will be felt for at least a year. " Stronger events will be seen in the first month. They will probably have an average magnitude of 5 degrees on the Richter scale. They will probably feel in the territory Turkey, but not outside the borders. Those with magnitudes between 5 and 6 are likely to be felt weakly in neighboring countries".

Bulgaria's example is followed by other European states, such as Italy, Germany, Spain or France. Turkey also requested the help of NATO members.

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