During the Cluj festivals, the most requested route was Bucharest - Cluj-Napoca

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Most of the return tickets, during the festivals, were on the route Bucharest - Cluj-Napoca. And among the departure cities were Constanta, Nice, Warsaw, Venice, Brussels, Milan and London.

During the Untold festival, demand was higher and airline tickets were more expensive.

Bucharest - Cluj-Napoca, the most requested route during the festivals

Normally, for a vacation, the average deadline for booking tickets is about 6 weeks. In the case of festivals, tourists have booked their flights with an overwhelming proportion about 2 weeks before the event.

According to the analysis carried out by Vola.ro, about 5% of the bookings for both Electric Castle and Untold were made from 2018, 10% made in the first months of the year 2019 and about 30% were made in May- June 2019.

Over 50% of festival ticket reservations are made last minute

Of the trips during the Electric Castle festival, 53% were booked in July, and for those during the Untold festival, 60% were booked in July, 2019, just a few weeks before the events started.

The most expensive plane ticket sold for the Untold festival cost 401 euros (price per person) and was registered on the route Bucharest - Cluj Napoca and back, with Tarom. The ticket was purchased on July 31. The most expensive plane ticket to Cluj-Napoca, sold for the period Electric Castle, cost 340 euros (route Bucharest - Cluj-Napoca, with Tarom) and was bought on July 10.

94% of bookings were paid with the card.

Most bookings were made for individual travelers. 73% of festival bookings were made for one person, 20% for couple tickets and only 7% for groups.

According to the data of the Institute of Statistics, "Avram Iancu" Airport in Cluj-Napoca is the second in the country in terms of number of passengers, the first being "Henri Coandă" Otopeni airport.

Over 30 daily flights land in Cluj-Napoca and about 35 daily flights depart from Cluj-Napoca, of which about 5 daily flights to Bucharest, but also to cities outside the country such as Munich, Frankfurt, Istanbul or Warsaw.

Top of the days: between 15 and 20% of the festivalgoers arrived in Cluj-Napoca on the last day of the festival

18% of the festival-goers, who traveled by plane to Electric Castle, arrived in Cluj-Napoca on July 16, on the very first day of the festival. While 17% of them landed on July 19, the day when the headliners were Florence & The Machine.

15% of travelers arrived in Cluj-Napoca on the last day of Electric Castle, to see those from Thirty Seconds to Mars.

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