Higher demand and more expensive airline tickets during the Untold festival

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Cluj has awarded two of the largest festivals in the country, Electric Castle and Untold. Their audience is increasingly choosing to get to the festival by plane.

According to estimates Vola.ro, during the festival weeks the airport "Avram Iancu" in Cluj-Napoca recorded up to 40% more travelers than in a normal period.

July, the busiest and most expensive year for flights to Cluj-Napoca

Two of the biggest festivals in Europe, Untold and Electric Castle, turned July into the busiest and most expensive of the year, for plane trips to Cluj-Napoca.

Between July 30 and August 4, 2019 (the week of the Untold festival), 40% more passengers landed at Cluj-Napoca airport than the previous week, while between July 15 and 21, 2019 (the week of Electric Castle) they landed on Cluj-Napoca airport with 37% more passengers than the previous week.

Flights have been booked since November 2018

For both festivals, the flights have been in operation since November 2018. The first bookings for the Untold festival were made from 11 November 2018, the day the 2019 edition dates were announced.

It is a reservation for 4 people, on the route Bucharest - Cluj-Napoca and return, with Tarom, worth 452 euros - 113 euros per person (taxes and luggage included).

The first plane ticket to Cluj-Napoca during the Electric Castle festival was bought on November 21, the day when the first artists to perform on the festival stage were announced. The ticket price on the route Bucharest - Cluj-Napoca (and return) was 123 euros, for a flight with Tarom.

Higher demand and more expensive airline tickets during the Untold festival

Tourists who wanted to participate in festivals in the western part of the country paid between 80 and 401 euros for the plane ticket. If for the tickets of travel data during the period of the Electric Castle festival the average price was 158 euros, during the festival Untold the prices were up to 20% higher.

On average, a round trip ticket on the Bucharest - Cluj-Napoca route during the Untold festival cost about 194 euros.

Certainly, the 2 festivals will take place in 2020. As some of the parties have done, it is best to book your accommodation and transport in advance. As soon as the event dates have been announced, book your tickets because the seats are limited and prices rise from one booking to the next.

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