Romania promoted in another way (video)

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In 2010, Elena Udrea launched with trumpets and trumpets the new country brand - the copied leaf. The program was to bring as many tourists to Romania as possible. After two years, we draw the line and notice that hundreds of millions of EUR have been spent on nothing, if they were spent as planned. Romania lies in the same shadow cone, tourists are treated just as badly, tour operators refuse to bring tourists to our country because the optimal conditions are not ensured.

From the beginning of the program, I said it would be a failure. Romania does not need advertising to attract foreign tourists. Our country needs infrastructure, very good roads, good accommodation conditions, hotels aligned to international standards, fair people and not "stolen". We have a lot of wonderful places and we don't know how to highlight them. Most of them are abandoned and here I mean castles, the ruins of some cities, historical monuments, national parks, etc.

I believe that the Olympians, athletes, Romanians with very good results in different fields are the true ambassadors of Romania and we must respect them. We do not go into details and I do not want to remember the mathematics Olympics abandoned by the Romanian state.

And yet I think we still have a chance to succeed. These days I found a beautiful animated video about Romania. It is an infographic made by Graphic and Communication Design, student Ana Busuioc (

Sometimes you don't need too much money to do something spectacular, but just creativity!

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