The first flying machine - AirCar - was licensed in Slovakia

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The Slovak Transport Authority has granted a certificate of airworthiness (CoA) to the Slovak manufacturer Klein Vision, authorizing AirCar. Its prototype two-seater flying machine can operate frequent flights. 

The prototype completed 70 hours of in-flight testing in accordance with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) safety measures, during which time AirCar performed more than 200 take-offs and landings before receiving the certificate of airworthiness.  

AirCar, the car that turns into a plane in just three minutes, received flight certification six months after the completion of the first test flight operated between two cities in Slovakia.

According to the Slovak manufacturer, the test process included a full range of flight maneuvers and air performance, including take-off and landing, where the vehicle proved its static and dynamic stability without the intervention of the pilot.

Professor Stefan Klein, the inventor of AirCar, said his airworthiness certification had "opened the door to mass production" of flying machines. 

The co-founder of the project, Anton Zajac, added: “At the beginning of the 2022th century, the car was a symbol of freedom. Now, in XNUMX, Aircar offers the next level of freedom. ” 

AirCar has a 160-horsepower fixed propeller engine and was developed by the Slovak company KlienVision. He recently flew 75 kilometers between Nitra and Bratislava in just 35 minutes. It runs on regular gasoline, can carry two people, reaches a speed of 160 kilometers per hour and can fly at an altitude of 2.400 meters. The production model will be certified in 12 months, then it will be mass-produced and can be marketed, but so far the manufacturing company has not announced the price!

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