The 75 Ryanair base will be in Corfu, Greece

The 75 Ryanair base will be in Corfu, Greece

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In April 2016, Ryanair will open the 75 operational base. It will be in Corfu, Greece. An aircraft will be allocated and 11 new routes will be opened to: Birmingham, Bratislava, Budapest, Cologne, Rome, Katowice, Poznan, Pisa, Rzeszow, Venice and Warsaw.

There will also be several flights to Charleroi (near Brussels), London (Stansted) and Bergamo (near Milan).

The first new route will be Corfu - Rome starting with 29 March 2016. The next routes will be inaugurated between April and May, and the last route inaugurated will be Corfu - Pisa (3 June).

Given that many Romanians travel to Greece, especially in the summer season, we expect Ryanair to launch flights on the Corfu - Bucharest route. Currently, this route is honored with charter flights.

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