A Dassault Falcon 10 air ambulance has crashed in Afghanistan

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A Dassault Falcon 10 aircraft, bearing the registration CN-TKN and operated by the Moroccan carrier Alfa Air, disappeared from radar screens in a mountainous area of ​​Badakhshan province, Afghanistan.

The aircraft, which was operating a chartered ambulance flight, departed from Gaya International Airport (GAY) in India, bound for Moscow, Russia. The plane was also supposed to stop in Tashkent / Uzbekistan.

There were six people on board the aircraft (2 passengers and 4 crew members). The accident reportedly took place in a remote mountainous region of Badakhshan, north of Afghanistan.

A team has been dispatched to the crash site, Badakhshan provincial government spokesman Zabihullah Amiri told Reuters. However, the remote location, more than 200 km from Fayzabad, the provincial capital, will take the team 12 hours to reach.

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