A member of a British Airways cabin crew was dismissed on a charge of theft

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Article written by Maria Vasiliu!

A steward at British Airways was dismissed after being accused of stealing 23 000 pounds despite failing to file a complaint against him for theft. It is alleged that the money was missing from the briefcase of a passenger flying at First Class.

Ian McClure, 42, a flight attendant for eighteen years, has been fired. The court concluded that the investigation of British Airways' internal staff proved to be "biased and inappropriate". The incident is believed to have taken place on a five-and-a-half-hour night flight from Nigeria to Heathrow, London, on April 10, 2011.


The passenger was traveling to First Class and had in his personal briefcase placed in the hatrack above his head, 65 000 pounds. During the flight, 23 00 pounds were missing. First Class cabin was almost full, 11 seats in 14 being occupied.

Five days after the incident, Mr McClure was arrested by police at his home in Buckinghamshire. Officers found impressive amounts of 50 pounds and 20 pounds with markings similar to those of the BA passenger. However, detectives were unable to match the banknotes to the passenger's briefcase and dropped the charges.

BA's internal investigations ended by dismissing Mr McClure, ignoring the results of the police investigation. The decision is now contested in court.

The defendant's lawyer, Mr. Angus Gloag says it would have been impossible for Mr McClure to "break into" the luggage compartment and take the money out of his briefcase. Let's not forget that the First Class cabin is always quiet and almost completely occupied.

Could he have opened the luggage compartment without noise, taken out his briefcase, gone to the toilet with her, taken the money, hidden it in a place he only knew and put it in place without anyone seeing?

"He spent a significant amount of time with a nervous client in 4th place," the defense attorney added.

Harveen Gupta, BA's business manager, took the case seriously, with the final decision in favor of the passenger. "The explanation that Mr McClure gave me about the destination of the money was that it came from the UK Bank Society. The signs were similar to those of the company's client. This seemed very strange to me. "

Doubtful thing, especially since no one can guarantee the existence of money. And we ask ourselves, "Why weren't they all taken?"

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