A new concept of seats with futuristic design for the airplanes of the future

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Contour Aerospace and Factory Design are two companies that have created and presented the new seats with futuristic design for the planes of the future. The two British companies have developed a capsule chair concept. The creators are thinking that passengers can better manage their intimate space during the flight.

But are people ready to become so lonely? Because these capsules would define too much the environment between people and, although there will be hundreds of people on a plane, they will probably feel alone.

Many companies present dozens of such models every year, but it is not very easy to build an aircraft seat and enter the mass production. The industry is developing very slowly in this direction. It all depends on the airlines, the production of aircraft, the optimization of the operating costs and the standards certified in aviation. Plus, such chairs need to be durable!

But you better keep track of what some of you have!

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