About 11000 flights will be canceled due to Hurricane Sandy

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Hurricane Sandy will hit the east coast of the United States tonight. Among the cities affected will be New York, Washington, New Jersey, Philadelphia, etc. More than 375.000 people were evacuated from the storm.

Air transport is also affected, about 7000 of domestic and transoceanic flights already being canceled. Airports affected: Washington National and Dulles; New York LaGuardia and Kennedy; Newark; Hartford, Baltimore and Philadelphia. The number of affected flights has reached 11 000 and may increase.

American Airlines and American Eagle canceled over 1500 flights until 31 October. Delta Air Lines canceled all flights to / from Philadelphia and New York airports as of October 29. United cancels part of the flights to the areas that will be affected. JetBlue Airways canceled over 1000 flights, between October 29-31, from / to New York's JFK Airport! US Airways canceled all flights to / from airports affected by Hurricane Sandy!

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Air France canceled all scheduled flights to New York and Washington on Monday, while US airlines canceled thousands of domestic flights. British Airways and Virgin Atlantic canceled all flights to New York, Baltimore, Washington, Boston and Philadelphia. Exception will fly BA238 from Boston.

Lufthansa today canceled all flights to / from Washington Dulles, JFK, Newark and Boston Logan. Also on 30 October flights to JFK and Newark from New York will be canceled.

Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways canceled flights from the Middle East to the east coast of the United States. Flights operated by Aer Lingus they also departed from Ireland.  Qantas and Turkish Airlines canceled flights to New York.

According to Eurocontrol, the organization designated to guarantee the safety of air traffic, based in Brussels, about 300 of transatlantic flights were canceled out of the total of 500 insured daily under normal conditions. The organization is counting on a return to normal starting Wednesday.

If you have scheduled flights to the United States, it is advisable to inform the airline operators you need to travel to and see the status of the flights.

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