Coronavirus: Additional measures to limit and prevent possible coronary heart disease

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The epidemic with the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) has reached Europe, and Italy becomes the epicenter of the old continent. This weekend the first deaths from the virus were recorded, but also over 150 new cases. The new figures alerted the peninsula authorities and began draconian measures.

According to the latest report, 89 cases were registered in Lombardy (in the Milan region), 25 in Veneto (in the Venice area), 9 in Emilia-Romagna (around Bologna), 6 in Piedmont (Turin), where adds 3 in the region of Rome (Lazio).

Starting from this situation, the Romanian authorities have taken additional measures to limit and prevent possible diseases with Coronavirus. Below is the press release!

Press release Ministry of Health

The representatives of the Inter-sectoral Committee for the prevention and limitation of diseases with the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), together with the representatives of the authorities responsible in this field, held a teleconference on the evening of February 22, 2020, in view of the evolution of the cases of illness in Italy, in areas where numerous Romanian citizens are located or traveling.

So far, no cases of symptomatic Romanian citizens with the new coronavirus have been reported by the Italian authorities.

In this context, Romania could be more exposed to the emergence of cases of infection with the new coronavirus on the national territory, due to the dynamics of the travel of Romanian citizens on the land and air routes between the two countries.

Public health authorities will include people arriving in Romania from affected localities in the Veneto region and the province of Lodi / Lombardy or who have traveled to these localities in the last 14 days, in the category of those who must stay after entering the country in quarantine. for 14 days. These measures are similar to those applied by the Italian authorities.

The new measures will be transmitted by the Ministry of Health to the health units and family doctors, through the public health departments of the county and of the municipality of Bucharest.

Measures to control and prevent infection with the new coronavirus will be supplemented at land, sea / river and air border points. The Ministry of Health will provide the necessary medical personnel at the border crossing points, with specialists from the public health departments, including by posting from other counties and health units.

All persons, who fall within the definition of a suspected case, will be immediately reported by all the health units where they are presented (the emergency units, hospitals, family doctors) to the public health departments and to the Monitoring Service within the DSU.

These days, the Ministry of Health will complete the legislative framework with necessary measures for quarantine and the management of suspected and confirmed cases of coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

The information campaign of the population on the infection with the new coronavirus will be extended, the individual and collective prevention measures to be taken and a daily information bulletin will be elaborated regarding the evolution of the situation at international level and any additional measures taken by the Romanian authorities.

Well, too many did not understand from the statement from the Ministry of Sabbath. But let's see what they do concretely airports in Romania against the epidemic.

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