A380 China Southern Airlines aircraft will compete with trains in China

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I like to fly, I like airplanes and I promote this means of transport. In Europe it is very easy for me to highlight the benefits of plane travel, but in China things are already complicated. The Chinese have one of the best rail networks in the world. They have high-speed trains capable of transporting thousands of passengers. There are no delays with them. Everything goes by the second.


How did Airbus A380 airplanes get to compete with trains in China? Well very simple. An 2.298 kilometer railway line, which will connect China's capital with southern Guangzhou, will be inaugurated on December 26. The distance will be traveled in about 8 hours and this is because the trains will have the speed limitation to 300Km / h. This section is part of the great railway line that will link Beijing with Hong Kong, up to 2015.

A380 China Southern Airlines

The same, but in-flight route is operated by China Southern Airlines with Airbus A380 aircraft, and the distance is traveled in approximately 4 hours. But the route is not profitable for the airline operator, and passengers are often dissatisfied with the delays caused by bad weather, flight restrictions, etc.

In addition to these grievances, I believe that price will also play an important role. Train costs are not yet known, but Beijing-Guangzhou costs about $ 260 with the A380 China Southern Airlines. I would also travel by plane because time is halfway. But now it depends a lot on the price of train tickets. I think Julian is happy now! And I probably wouldn't write this news if Brăduţ (tedoo.ro) don't post anything with Alien Vs. Predator on facebook!

  1. Iulian Sîrbu says

    Sorin, when you say that in Europe the advantages of air travel, to which Europe you mean more precisely? Let's not forget that in the West the train is very used and very appreciated, routes such as London - Paris, London - Brussels, London - ski resorts in the south of France, Paris - Frankfurt are made almost exclusively by train, including by people business, this is because the travel time is shorter or slightly longer than the one by plane, lower prices, shorter or non-existent check-in time, much higher weight limit for luggage, etc. Plus the undeniable advantage of the train is that you leave the center of city A and get to the center of city B, so the costs of other means of transport - the taxi, for example - are greatly reduced.

    I wish I could come up with the same arguments for Romania, but it seems that the time is not yet. The only good news on the railway level is that the trains to / from Hungary will have a single locomotive, either of the Hungarian or the Romanian operator, thus shortening the journey time.

    Coming back to China, as I said above, add in the 4 hours by plane and time you get from the city to the airport and then from the airport to the city and you will see why people prefer the train, in this case. Most people do not like the tramp from one side to the other and this is the main reason why sometimes the plane is preferred, once the train 🙂

    Returning to China,

  2. Sorin says

    Julian, I do not deny what you have said. But the train in Europe lost ground a lot, many years in a row. Now it can recover on financial considerations. Air tickets increased due to high fuel costs, the economic crisis went bankrupt some companies, people did not have much money etc.

    But let's not forget that the aviation industry is in a great development process. It is a place of growth and will last until the high speed trains appear, over 800 Km / h :).

    Each means of transport has advantages and disadvantages. But more and more beautiful is to see the world from above :)!

    Regarding the times, let the train not leave you on the stairs either. The work is relative. There are airports that are fixed in the middle of the cities :). Plus you don't even need to check in on the plane if you know how to work online: D… So drop some statements made by you! :)

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