Brașov - Ghimbav Airport could be opened at the end of 2022

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The authorities in Brașov are taking important steps towards the inauguration of the first airport in Romania, which has been raised from scratch in the last 50 years. At the end of 2021, the contract for the construction of the virtual tower was signed. The total value of the project is 78.716.387,06 lei, and the duration of the execution of the contractual provisions is 14 months. But there is a good chance that the work can be completed even earlier, by the end of 2022.

The contract for the remote tower has been signed

"We will have a design phase of 3 months, during which time we will obtain all the necessary permits and agreements and the building permit. Somewhere in April, we will actually start the construction works. First of all, we will have that contingency building inside which all the equipment will be accommodated and then the actual technology part. The technology part has as a novelty the remote tower. This is the first time in Romania that flights from Brasov airport will be routed remotely from another location. Practically Romatsa directed from Arad. We estimate the completion of this project at the end of 2022, when we estimate that the flights from Brasov airport will start as well. ", said Gabriel Davidescu, director of UTI Construction.

This contract, based on which Brasov will have the first airport in Romania directed remotely through a virtual tower, is implemented by the association UTI Construction and Facility Management SA - BOG'ART SRL.

With the conclusion of this contract, awarded by the association UTI Construction and Facility Management (leader) -BOG'ART SRL following the procurement procedures carried out by the County Council this fall, the equipment necessary for the provision of air navigation services at Brasov - Ghimbav International Airport is provided fully.

In fact, the infrastructure necessary for the operationalization of the Airport is in different stages:

  • Completed: runway, terminal building, embarkation-disembarkation platform, runway, runway sewerage, beaconing system with related constructions and installations, ground-to-ground communication equipment, purchase of ISU trucks, snow removal and other equipment, connection airport components to utility networks.
  • In advanced stages of execution: energy building, PSI shed, access control stations, water management, parking and access road between terminal and DJ 103C, inland technological roads, perimeter road and accesses to radionavigation equipment, construction of fences and gates , diversion of the Beselcin canal and installation of the perimeter protection system.
  • The contracted infrastructure to be implemented is the one regarding the provision of air navigation services, both in terms of instrument flight procedures and airspace design, as well as in terms of the realization of the physical infrastructure and its endowment with specific equipment.

We hope that Brasov airport will attract more frequent commercial flights. However, as planned, it will probably have many private flights and charters. It will be an advantage for those who want to go on holiday on Prahova Valley, without having to go through the airports in Sibiu, Cluj or Bucharest.

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