Italy tightens Super Green Pass rules from January 10!

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The latest covid restrictions in Italy come into force on Monday, January 10, with the government again extending the scope of the Super Green Pass, a digital certificate that can only be obtained by those vaccinated or recovered by covid-19.

Super Green Pass is an 'enhanced' version of the 'basic' Green Pass certificate which proves that the holder has been vaccinated, tested negative or recovered from covid-19.

The new Super Green Pass rules

Already required in cinemas, theaters and for access to stadiums, the Super Green Pass cannot be obtained with a negative result of the covid test, which means that unvaccinated people are excluded. In other words, from January 10, only those with a Super Green Pass can have access to all forms of public transport - local, regional and national - including planes, trains, ships, buses, trams and subways.

Commuters are required to wear more protective FFP2 masks. More than 1000 police officers will be deployed in Rome to ensure that the new rules are followed.

The Super Green Pass is now also required for access to restaurants, both indoors and outdoors, as well as hotels, ski lifts, museums, archeological sites, gyms and swimming pools, along with a host of other activities. from wedding receptions, festival halls to access to theme parks.

Also, from January 10, the minimum waiting time between the second dose of covid vaccine and the booster vaccine will be reduced from five to four months.

Tightening restrictions in Italy are part of the government's efforts to boost the momentum of vaccination and stop the growth of coronavirus infections.

The new Green Pass rules

From January 20, unvaccinated people will need a Green Pass to go to the hairdresser / hairdresser and beauty salons. From February 1, the Green Pass will be required for access to non-essential stores, banks, post offices and shopping malls.

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