The Budapest airport was closed due to problems with the electrical system

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During the day, specifically at 10: 50 GMT, the airport in Budapest was closed to air traffic due to problems with the electrical system. Most affected was the control tower. According to information from the official website, the airport could be reopened on 8 December at 10.00 local time.

In the meantime, all flights to Budapest are redirected to Vienna, Bratislava and other major airports nearby. Passengers, who scheduled flights departing from Budapest International Airport, were asked not to go to the airport and contact airline operators to determine the details of the journey.

easyJet has postponed its flights to Budapest on Saturday, 8 December, and passengers are asked to contact the British operator to check the flight schedule.

Wizz Air announced the race schedule for 7 and 8 in December.

On 7 December:
W62359 / 2360 flights from the Budapest-Naples-Budapest route were redirected to the Debrecen-Napoly-Bratislava routes.
W62205 / 2206 flights from the Budapest-London Luton-Budapest route were redirected to the Debrecen-London Luton-Bratislava routes.

Flights canceled: 07 December
W62209 / 2210 Budapest-London Luton-Budapest
W62335 / 2336 Budapest-Milan-Budapest
W62283 / 2284 Budapest-Brussels-Budapest
W62371 / 2372 Budapest-Madrid-Budapest
W62273 / 2274 Budapest-Eindhoven-Budapest

Flights canceled: 08 December
W62375 / 2376 Budapest-Barcelona-Budapest

Ryanair canceled several flights on 7 and 8 December to / from Budapest:

Passengers can request a refund if they have canceled tickets or can reschedule free of charge for other Ryanair flights - details on the Ryanair site!

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