Frankfurt Airport has closed one of its runways, becoming a parking lot for Lufthansa aircraft (Video)

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A year ago, Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) allegedly used all 4 runways at full capacity. Today, it turns out that he has too many tracks. As a result, the northwest runway was closed on December 14, becoming a parking lot for Lufthansa aircraft.

All over the world, most airlines have had to reduce the number of aircraft in operational service due to the sharp drop in passenger numbers. Many airports do not have the space to store so many aircraft, which has led to the loading of storage facilities such as aircraft cemeteries.

But there are also airports that have leased their runways and runways to airlines. We have a concrete case at Frankfurt International Airport (FRA).

Boeing 747-8i Lufthansa - Frankfurt Airport storage

While most airlines have given up 4-engined aircraft, Lufthansa has chosen to keep a few in service, namely 7 of the entire fleet of 19 747-8i aircraft. They fly to destinations such as Bangkok, Nanjing, Shanghai, Mexico City, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires.

As can be seen, Lufthansa cannot use its entire fleet of Boeing 747-8i aircraft, but has chosen to keep them in a temporary storage phase, which can be reactivated immediately if necessary.

Boeing 747-8i Lufthansa - Frankfurt Airport storage

Most of the stored planes were sealed. The doors, the engines, the pitot tubes, everything that means the inlet was blocked. There are also aircraft without engines, such as the Boeing 747-8i D-ABYF. The aircraft is 8.2 years old, and the last flight was operated on March 17 in the direction of Sao Paulo - Frankfurt.

Unfortunately, this is the reality of these troubled times!

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