Visa regime and travel conditions for Romanians in the United Kingdom, from January 1, 2021

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Starting with January 1, 2021, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Great Britain / England) will fully assume the status of third state in relation to the states of the European Union, including Romania.

From this perspective, the visa regime and travel conditions for European citizens, including Romanians, will change. 

You can travel without a visa to the UK only for short stays / tourist purposes

In this context, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes the following clarifications regarding the visa regime and travel conditions for Romanian citizens in the United Kingdom, starting with January 1, 2021: 

  • According to the new regulations announced by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, starting with January 1, 2021, Romanian citizens will be able to enter the territory of the United Kingdom for short stays (eg for tourism, visiting, etc.) for a period up to 6 months in a year without the need for an entry visa. However, Romanian citizens who want to work in the 6 months must obtain, in advance, an entry visa.
  • Until 30 September 2021 inclusive, entry into the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland may be made on the basis of a valid Romanian passport or identity card, and after that date it will be possible to travel only on the basis of a valid passport ( simple electronic passport, temporary simple passport). 
  • Romanian citizens falling under the Program EU Settlement Scheme will be able to travel to the United Kingdom using national identity documents until 31 December 2025.

Romanians will need a visa for stays longer than 6 months / work activities

Romanian citizens who want to travel in the United Kingdom for more than six months (for work, study, etc.) need, starting with January 1, 2021, a visa from the British authorities. The British authorities have provided for two ways to obtain a visa, as follows:

  • Romanian citizens holding a simple electronic passport can obtain a visa online, by accessing the website ( Within this portal, applicants have a guide containing the detailed procedure for obtaining a visa. People with a biometric passport will be able to complete the application, including confirmation of identity, using a smartphone application (smartphone type). The MFA emphasizes that visa applications cannot be submitted on the basis of an identity card. 
  • Romanian citizens who do not have a simple electronic passport and apply on the basis of a temporary simple passport must submit their personal documentation to the regional visa center in Romania - Bucharest Visa Application Center, DBH-Group Serviced office, address: Bucharest, sector 1, street Buzești no. 50-52, et.2 Business Center. In order to submit the documentation, it is necessary to pre-schedule online, by accessing the website

The British authorities have already operationalized the procedures for receiving visa applications for the following purposes: studies, work activities (skilled workers, highly skilled workers in certain fields /Global Talent, medical staff and assistants), business (innovation, start-up business development). Visa applicants will have to pay a visa fee. The list of fees is available at:

There is no information on seasonal workers

With regard to seasonal workers, the MFA states that the British authorities have so far not provided data on the procedures applicable to this category, which will be made available later.

For anyone with a criminal record and who has been refused entry into the United Kingdom in the past, the UK authorities recommend that you apply for a visa and for short-term travel (under 6 months). , according to the data communicated through the portal

The MFA states that these new conditions are the result of the decision of the British authorities, which, from January 1, 2021, will implement a new point-based immigration system (PBS). 

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