Sibiu International Airport in 2016: 390 417 registered passengers

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2016 represented an important year for the Sibiu International Airport, but also for the Siberian and regional community. In August 2016, four new routes were launched: Nuremberg, Milan, Madrid and Memmingen, thus giving passengers the opportunity to fly to destinations of interest in Germany, Italy and Spain.

Sibiu International Airport at 2016

With the launch of the four new routes, it was also inaugurated Wizz Air base in Sibiu, which has contributed to increased connectivity to major cities and regions in Europe.

The end of 2016 brought positive results for the airport in Sibiu, translated by increasing the number of passengers and the total number of aircraft movements, compared to the previous year.

Thus, in the year 2016, Sibiu International Airport has registered a number of 366.065 of passengers on-boarding, causing a considerable increase, about 32% compared to the year 2015, when they were recorded 276.533 of passengers on-boarding.

390.417 passengers in 2016

The total passenger traffic recorded in the year 2016 was 390.417 passengers, this figure also includes passengers in transit. The growth registered in the year 2016 as compared to the year 2015 exceeded the growth predicted by the airport by over 10%.

The increase is also reflected in the number of aircraft movements recorded in the 2016 year at Sibiu International Airport, reaching 5.342, respectively + 17,35% compared to year 2015, when they were performed in total 4.552 of movements.

To the positive evolution of the results obtained in the 2016 year by the Sibiu International Airport, our traditional partners, to a large extent, contributed to the development efforts of the airport.

The upward trend is also maintained in terms of freight, in the year 2016 being transported 56,02 tons compared to 5,59 tons in year 2015.

The top destinations for the year 2016 were as follows: Munich, London and Stuttgart, given that they have the most weekly frequencies. However, the routes launched in August 2016, in the context of the opening of the operating base in Sibiu by Wizz Air, perform very well.

Starting with April of the year 2017, the company Lufthansa will increase the frequency of flights to Munich, from two to three frequencies per day, from Monday to Friday. (Flight tickets Sibiu - Munich)

And in the year 2017, the airport is forecasting an increase of passenger traffic over 20%, which will contribute to the increase of revenues and, implicitly, to the development of Sibiu International Airport and the local community.

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