Timisoara International Airport continues the process of development and modernization

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Timisoara International Airport continues the process of development and modernization. Although 2020 was a difficult year due to the global pandemic situation, the airport continued to implement the development projects started. At the same time, the activity and operation of the airport have been adapted to the current air and passenger traffic.

Investments in 2020

Investment project on construction of the new External Racing Arrivals Terminal, in a total value of 30,35 million lei, was evaluated and approved favorably in 2018, then followed the stages established for the construction works in 2020.

The completion of the construction works will be done in the second part of February next year, and in April 2021, it is estimated that the terminal will be fully operational.

Regarding the new External Flight Departures Terminal, the financing contract for the investment project could be signed by the end of 2020. In the coming days, the "open" procurement procedure for the design and execution of construction works will be launched. The total value of the investment is estimated at 184,5 million lei.

In 2020, important projects were carried out in the area of ​​air operations. In November, it was put into operation approach light beacon that ensures the operation of aircraft in very low visibility conditions, category III A (CAT III A), approved by the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority. The value of the work amounted to approximately 2,9 million lei, financed from own sources.

Investment project financing agreement "Acquisition of PSI Special Vehicles and Integrated Security Control System”Was approved in October 2020, the deadline being the end of July 2021. The general objective of the project is to renew the fleet and maintain the intervention category PSI CAT VII, as well as aligning with the highest safety standards, by equipping the filters control with standard equipment III.

Investments that will be initiated in 2021

One of the investment projects that will be initiated next year is construction of an intermodal center for freight transport. The project will be carried out in stages, and for its full implementation will be considered cooperation with local authorities, the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Communications, including CFR Infrastructure.

Other important objectives that the airport has in mind, for 2021, are: the realization / modernization of the integrated physical security system, the realization / modernization of an intermodal passenger transport center, as well as the acquisition of equipment for non-economic and economic activities in the field. aviation safety.

Recovery measures in the current pandemic context

Being a difficult period from an economic point of view, due to the reduction of activity in the current pandemic context, the management of Timisoara airport focused mainly on reducing costs, by internalizing various services, such as call center, security inside airport (partially) or those of salary calculation for staff. At present, these activities are carried out on their own by airport employees.

Also, in order to reduce salary and material expenses in the current context, the company's management decided to apply State aid to Measure 2 by partially settling wages and changing working hours to 50%, for about 60% of employees. This decision saved about 40% of the salary budget.

Regarding state aid for damages due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The European Commission has extended the deadline for granting it, and Timisoara Airport is preparing a new application for additional state aid worth about 3 million euros, to ensure the continuity of services to the public and the maintenance of all airport systems.

This state aid may be granted by and through the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Communications and with the approval of the European Commission.

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