Air Canada celebrates 75 years since the company's first flight (video)

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Air Canada is the largest national airline in Canada. It was founded in 1936 and is based in Montreal, Quebec. The first commercial passenger flight was operated at 1 September 1937, on the route Vancouver - Seattle. At that time, the Canadian airline was called Trans-Canada Air Lines, and in 1965 it was renamed Air Canada.

75 years Air Canada

75 years later, Air Canada presents the most important moments in the company's activity. Below are a series of videos with 75 years of Air Canada innovation.

The evolution of the uniforms of the Air Canada flight attendants!

Air Canada Aircraft Evolution and Flight Preparation!

Air Canada Aircraft Evolution and How They Are Built!

Air Canada is a Star Alliance member and operates a fleet of over 330 aircraft to 178 destinations, without subsidiaries.

Since 2009, Călin Rovinescu is the new CEO of Air Canada. The Romanian lawyer Călin Rovinescu was appointed on April 1, 2009 president - general manager of the Canadian airline. And it wasn't a joke!

Rovinescu first joined the Air Canada team in April as 2000, as president of strategy and corporate development, and later headed the airline's restructuring department until 2004.

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