Air Moldova has increased the number of flights to Moscow

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Air Moldova increased the number of races on the Chisinau-Moscow-Chisinau route to 3 daily frequencies, starting with 11 July 2014.

Thus, from 11.07.2014, the flights of the Air Moldova operator to / from the capital of the Russian Federation are operated with the frequency of three flights per day according to the following schedule:

Flight 9U 173: Chisinau 07:00 - 09:45 Moscow (local time)
Flight 9U 174: Moscow 10:35 - 11:35 Chisinau (local time)

Flight 9U 171: Chisinau 14:00 - 16:55 Moscow (local time)
Flight 9U 172: Moscow 18:00 - 18:50 Chisinau (local time)

Flight 9U 175: Chisinau 19:30 - 22:20 Moscow (local time)
Flight 9U 176: Moscow 23:10 - 00:15 Chisinau (local time)

The ticket price in one direction with all taxes included is from 99 EUR.

The company notes that, starting with 27 June 2014, once the Russian Federation's aeronautical authorities restore the permit to operate flights to / from Moscow, all flights to / from the Russian Federation are operated according to the established schedule, without any deviations. .

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