Air Serbia has NOT canceled all flights between Serbia and Russia!

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The Romanian press was invaded by a truncated news, we can even say false, about Air Serbia would have canceled all flights between Serbia and Russia. The reality is completely different and can be easily verified on the company's website.

To date, Air Serbia continues to sell tickets on its flights from Belgrade to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Petersburg. It is true that they are very expensive and probably the places are more and more limited. These are the few flights from Russia to Europe.

flights to Moscow
flights to St. Petersburg

In fact, let's unravel the mystery of canceled flights. Air Serbia intended to increase the frequency of flights between Serbia and Russia, even announcing 20-25 weekly rotations to Moscow and a few more to St. Petersburg. Petersburg. They probably put tickets on sale, but Air Serbia was forced to return to its original frequency due to pressure from the West. In this context, Air Serbia canceled additional flights, but NOT ALL flights were canceled.

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