Airbus: 10 000 of aircraft delivered in 42 for years

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Airbus, one of the largest manufacturers in the aerospace industry, has 42 years of activity and development. Boeing, the direct competitor for Airbus, has 100 years of activity. As in any field, passion camps were formed around each manufacturer.

10 000 of aircraft delivered in 42 for years

Airbus a livrat 10 000 de avioane

In today's article, we are Airbus fans and we announce delivery of the aircraft with the number 10 000. As a parenthesis, Boeing has already delivered over 17 000 aircraft.

The 10 000 is an Airbus A350-900 (9V-SMF) in colors Singapore Airlines. It is the 6 of the Singapore Airlines fleet and is painted in an anniversary livery. ”10,000th airbus aircraft". It can carry up to 253 passengers, distributed in 3 classes: 42 seats in Business Class, 24 seats in Premium Economy and 187 in Economy.

The 10 000 threshold is reached in a period suitable for Airbus. In 2016, the European aircraft manufacturer plans to deliver over 650 units. Airbus produces single-lane and widebody aircraft (with 2 color), and transport capacities vary from 100 to 600 seats. They are designed for short, regional, medium or long-haul flights.

Airbus A350-900 Singapore Airlines (10000)

Singapore Airlines is one of the oldest Airbus customers. He placed the first order in the 1979, and over the years kept his standards high by ordering new aircraft, always from the new generations. At present, the SIA fleet is composed of state-of-the-art aircraft of the type A330, A350 XWB and A380. The Silkair and Tigerai subsidiaries are part of the Airbus A320 family fleet.

And now let's do a brief recap of the first Airbus aircraft delivered so far. On 10 May 1974, Air France has opened the factory gate to take over the first Airbus aircraft, an A300B2. The 1000 threshold was reached after 19 years, on 18 March 1993, when Air France knocked on the factory gate to pick up an Airbus A340-300.

The beginning was more difficult, but Airbus grew from year to year. From 9000 to 10 000 only passed 19 months :). Probably the next thousand aircraft will be delivered in less than 18 months. Did you know that Airbus was able to deliver 40% of the 10 000 aircraft during the 2010-2016 period?


In the 4 years of activity, Airlines Travel has delivered over 2000 aircraft. In August 2013, I wrote about delivery of 8000, Airbus A320 to AirAsia. In March 2015, I wrote about delivery of the 9000, Airbus A321-200 VietJet Air aircraft.

Currently, the Airbus offer includes 16 models from 4 families: A320, A330, A350 and A380. On Friday, October 14, the delivery of the 10 000 aircraft was celebrated, but Airbus still has to deliver over 6700 planes, orders received so far. At the current rate of production, it would still mean 10 years of uninterrupted work.

We wish them success and as many aircraft as possible!

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