Airbus A380 British Airways inside (photo / video)

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British Airways is preparing to take possession of the first A380 in the fleet. Surprisingly, but the British carrier is still not enjoying the services of the largest passenger plane on the market. After many months of waiting, here is the big day.

The first Airbus A380 British Airways will arrive in London in July. The 12 Airbus A380 aircraft ordered will have 469 seats, in a configuration with 4 classes: 14 at First Class (1-2-1) on the main deck, 55 at World Traveler Plus (2-3-XNioX) on the deck , Club World class will have 2 (53-2-3) of seats on the upper deck and 2 of seats on the main deck (44-2-4), World Traveler will have 2 seats on the main deck (199-3-4) and 3 seats on the upper deck (104-2-4).

Configurarea Airbus A380 British Airways Configuring Airbus A380 British Airways

The first images with the interior of the A380 BA aircraft also appeared:





I think it would have been more efficient to set up in 3 classes, but British Airways seems to be putting a lot of emphasis on the business and premium segment. However, A380 offers passengers a unique, unique flight experience!

And some pictures from the assembly of the first Airbus A380 British Airways!

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