AirHelp launches Airhelp Plus subscriptions

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AirHelp, one of the largest compensation recovery companies following canceled or delayed flights, has launched AirHelp Plus subscriptions.

We inform you that there is a air passenger law on the basis of which you can obtain compensation from the airlines following canceled or delayed flights due to the fault of the company. There are some terms and conditions that determine which canceled or delayed flight is eligible for such compensation. In this context, you can make a claim (a request for compensation) directly to the airline or, to avoid the hassle, contact a company specialized in such claims.

AirHelp Plus subscriptions

Like any service, it is subject to commission. Normally, AirHelp charges a commission (percentage) only in the case of valid and paid claims, money that is withheld from the compensation obtained.

To further support passengers affected by these canceled or delayed flights, Airhelp has launched these AirHelp Plus subscriptions: Essential (19.99 euros/year) and Complete (49.99 euros/year). Subscriptions are nominal. You may be wondering why such a membership would be useful, especially if you tend to fly a lot every year.

Essential (19.99 euros/year) and Complete (49.99 euros/year)

Based on subscription AirHelp Plus Essential, AirHelp helps you recover compensation of up to 600 euros for canceled or delayed flights (without charging commissions); helps you receive reimbursements of up to €6000 of the extra expenses you incurred due to canceled or delayed flights; you can get compensation of up to 1400 euros for lost / damaged / delayed luggage and they provide support via live chat. AirHelp announces that it will process all requests for AirHelp Plus members free of charge, in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth herein air passenger rights.

subscription AirHelp Plus Complete includes all AirHelp Plus Essential services + access to airport lounges. A voucher for free access to the airport lounge will be received when a flight delay of more than 1 hour or a flight cancellation is detected 6 hours before departure. Valid in nearly 1.200 lounges in over 600 airports worldwide. In addition to access, you'll also get all the amenities included.

These rights are valid in Europe (based on the EC261 regulation), the Montreal Convention or depending on the rules imposed by each country outside of Europe. regardless of the ticket price or the airline. Compensations can be obtained regardless of airline or ticket price, only for eligible delayed / canceled or overbooked flights.

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