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Many times, in my life, I have been shown that things do not happen by chance. At the end of April, while waiting for the subway, a young man looks insistently at me and tells me that he knows me and reads my website At first I was a little surprised, then glad and found out that I had the pleasure to talk to Dan Vasiliu, a travel blogger and a contributor to Radio Romania Cultural.

This week, Dan expressed his desire to talk to travel bloggers in order to make a report for Radio Romania Cultural. So we met, talked about hobbies, tourism, airplanes and blogging. It's hard to stop a man when he starts talking about his passion and I think I would stay for a few hours in stories if we weren't pressed for time.

I invite you to listen to the report below. They told more Lucian ( and You (

Vă rog să mă scuzaţi pentru emoţii şi bâlbe. Promit ca data viitoare să fie şi mai bine. Aştept feedback-ul vostru. Am vorbit ok, s-a înţeles totul, cum ar trebui să procedez pe viitor?

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