Slovakia travel alert: orange and yellow codes for snow and wind

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs the Romanian citizens who are, transit or want to travel to the Slovak Republic that the Slovak Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology issued, for the period February 11, 05:00 - 13 February 2021, 23:59, an orange code windfall, heavy snowfall and low temperatures for the regions of southeastern Slovakia, in the immediate vicinity of Hungary and Ukraine.

For the other regions of the Slovak Republic a yellow code of wind and snow is in force until February 13 at 23:59.

Slovak authorities warn that road traffic throughout the country is hampered by severe weather conditions. For up-to-date information on the weather in the Slovak Republic, it is recommended to consult the site

Romanian citizens can request consular assistance at the telephone number of the Romanian Embassy in Bratislava: +421902411268. Also, Romanian citizens who face a difficult situation, with an emergency character, have at their disposal both the unique emergency number 112 and the permanent telephone number of the Romanian diplomatic mission in Slovakia: +421904956358.

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