MFA alert for Spain: red heat wave in the Autonomous Communities of Andalusia and Extremadura

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs Romanian citizens who are, transit or intend to travel to Spain, in the autonomous regions of Andalusia and Extremadura, that the Spanish Meteorological Agency has issued a red heat code for the period July 13-14, 2022. The heat situation will extend in the following days. Feelings can exceed 40-45 degrees.

Romanian citizens can request consular assistance at the telephone numbers of the Consulate General of Romania in Seville: +34954233243, +34954230947, +34954624053, +34954624070, the calls being redirected to the Contact and Support Center of Romanian Citizens Abroad (CCS) to Call Center operators on a permanent basis. Also, the Romanian citizens who face a difficult, special situation, with an emergency character, have at their disposal the permanent telephone number of the Consulate General of Romania in Seville: + 34648212169.

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