An Aeromexico passenger was arrested after opening the aircraft door and walking on the wing in protest!

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On Thursday, January 25, a male Aeromexico passenger was arrested after he opened an emergency exit of the aircraft and walked out onto the wing in protest of the delayed flight. While this may initially seem like a typical case of illegal behavior, the passengers on board the aircraft come to the man's defense.

Dozens of passengers signed a petition protesting the airport's decision to hand the man over to the authorities. The airline kept the aircraft parked at the gate for hours without providing ventilation or water to those on board. The man, who chose this form of protest, surrendered to the police in accordance with international regulations.

This incident occurred aboard Aeromexico Flight 672, a service from Mexico City to La Aurora International Airport (GUA) in Guatemala City. The Boeing 737-operated flight was scheduled to take off at 08:50, but took off from Mexico City at 14:19 after a long delay, according to Flight Aware.

Passengers on board were extremely unhappy with the treatment they received in what was a delay of almost five and a half hours. Moreover, they were quick to defend the actions of the arrested man.

A report filed with the airport authorities largely confirmed this version.

"Around 11:37 a.m., a Mexican airline reported the beginning of a disruption due to passenger complaints on flight AM672", according to the report. "The flight was scheduled to take off at 8:45am on Thursday, but due to an aircraft maintenance alert, the captain had to return to the gate to fix the problem"

"The passengers were unhappy and one of them opened the emergency door and got out on the wing", the report states. "This event required the aircraft to be changed".

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