ANA canceled 40 000 seats on flights to China

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Din cauza conflictelor dintre China şi Japonia, All Nippon Airways a declarat că a anulat 40 000 de locuri pe zborurile dintre cele două ţări, în perioada septembrie – noiembrie. Cred că aţi citit/auzit/văzut, cele două ţări asiatice se „bat” pe un petec de pământ sub care s-ar afla mari zăcăminte de petrol.

In addition to canceled flights by ANA, China Eastern Airlines has announced that it is delaying the launch of flights between Shanghai and Sendai from northern Japan, and Japan Airlines has reduced the number of flights to Hong Kong from 10 to 3 per week.

I advise you to be careful when buying your tickets and how to establish links to ASIA!

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