ANPC imposed hundreds of fines on accommodation units and restaurants in Romanian resorts

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The 2021 winter command organized by the National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC) will carry out its activity between 20-31.12. 2021. So far, ANPC has imposed 199 fines on accommodation units and restaurants in Romanian resorts. But let's see what ANPC communicates following the controls made in different resorts in Romania.

ANPC imposed hundreds of fines on accommodation and catering units in Romanian resorts

The National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC) is with the tourist on winter vacation, wherever he wants to spend it, in Romania.

Coordinated by ANPC President Mihai Culeafă and ANPC Director General Paul Anghel, the 2021 Winter Command, organized by the Authority, aims to prevent and combat practices that harm the life, health, safety and economic interests of consumers on vacation in resorts in Romania, during the winter holidays.

The command verified and advised, in the first week of activity, 255 economic operators, in 3 regions of the country: South Muntenia Ploiești, North East Iași and Center Brașov.

Following the control actions, the ANPC commissioners applied various types of sanctions, as follows:

  • 199 contravention fines, amounting to approximately 1,1 million lei
  • 132 warning
  • 30 measures to temporarily suspend the provision of the service until the deficiencies are remedied
  • a proposal to suspend the activity for up to 6 months.

The most important deviations found deviations from the law, the most important of these being:

  • marketing or use of raw materials with a minimum durability date exceeded
  • changing the thermal state of the products
  • the use, in the assisted shop window - of unhygienic refrigerated display cases, the trays of which contained traces of food scraps, stains and liquid from product leaks
  • use of refrigerated display cases that had fans with deposits or a thick layer of dust on the protective grille, traces of mold and rust
  • sale of vegetables - fruit with organoleptic changes, mechanical shock, stains, dehydration, soft consistency, unfit for human consumption
  • use of unhealthy cold spaces, with traces of food scraps glued to stainless steel trays, rusty surfaces, traces of insects
  • no mention of allergens on menu lists or display of portion weights at some catering establishments
  • lack of metrological checks on the measuring instruments used
  • lack of labels on some foods
  • use of damaged or unprofessional kitchen utensils
  • lack of display of accommodation prices
  • the use of bed linen, mattresses and other accessories, unhygienic or damaged, in the accommodation
  • lack of necessary information for tourists in the accommodation.

"We are always with consumers and we always make sure that their rights and the law are respected by economic operators. We do not allow the pretext of profits, even in a difficult period, to justify a form of disrespect to the consumer. That is why, during the winter holidays, we are careful and we are everywhere, in Romania, the tourist would like to spend his vacation, to make sure that the commercial act takes place according to the regulations. Rely on us! ”- Mihai Culeafă, ANPC president.

The checks carried out by the ANPC Winter Command continue throughout the country.

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