Wizz Air's arrogance, clumsiness or ambition toward traditional airlines?

Wizz Air's arrogance, clumsiness or ambition toward traditional airlines?

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These days I received a different press release from Wizz Air. Normally, newsletters arrive about commercial offers, operational news, some financial information. But this time it's a different kind of press release, which made me read it several times to understand what the author meant.


Wizz air wants to ban business class

The title intrigued me. "How much on Wizz Air is asking for something from traditional companies, which are positioned in the full-service area and have been flying for decades?".

And I read the press release. I notice that, more recently, the battle of the airlines is given in CO2 emissions, pollution, operational efficiency. Ready, is it ending the battle of prices and services? But I leave you to read the full press release.

Wizz Air press release about banning business class

Wizz Air, the airline with the smallest environmental footprint in Europe and the largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe, is calling on classic airlines to stop operating with free seats in business class on flights shorter than five. hours.

The business class should intersect on any short flight. Business class passengers account for a double impact on the environment from the emissions perspective, compared to a passenger from the economy, and the industry is guilty of maintaining an outdated and inefficient system. The rethinking of the system had to take place long ago. Wizz Air requires airlines to prohibit business class travel for any flight shorter than five hours. The time of old style travel has passed, as has the business class.

Fleet with a smaller footprint

Wizz Air is currently operating with the lowest level of CO emissions2/ passenger from all competing airlines - 56,8g / passenger / km in October 2019. The ultra low cost business model WIZZ is based on an increased load rating (95% in the first half of 2020) and an optimized cabin configuration, to make air transport sustainable and to reduce CO emissions as much as possible.2/passenger. Wizz Air is engaged to further reduce emissions by 30% for each passenger over the next 10 years and call on other companies to do the same. It is an industry problem that needs industry-level solutions. Market air be be overall more aggressive in terms of goals to really make a difference.

Wizz Air is committed to developing its fleet with The latest generation models from the Airbus family and has one 268 firm order of the most efficient single-aisle aircraft in the world. Unmatched efficiency in terms of consumption and excellent aerodynamics of the newest WIZZ aircraft, the many operational efficiency initiatives implemented lightweight materials used in the cabin and a configuration of the avoiding route network flights with connection the useless really do sustainable our operations. The company's current fleet has one average age 4,5 years, being practically one of the youngest aircraft fleets in the world. As a result, we are the company with the smallest environmental / passenger / kilometer footprint in Europe.

Wizz Air recently released a video calling for action, and it can be watched here youtu.be/x3cKWn-JHMk

József Váradi, CEO Wizz Air Holding, stated: “Wizz Air is dedicated to sustainable aviation and we are calling on traditional companies to carry out their business in a responsible manner and to cease operating with vacant seats on short flights. The industry as a whole must be more aggressive and prohibit the business class on short flights. At the same time, we send a message to passengers to make informed choices when booking a flight. The old-fashioned travel time has reached, as has the business class."

How much do you have to have to demand with such arrogance the cancellation of the business class on flights shorter than 5 hours? Okay, I agree that passengers wouldn't need too many services on short flights. That plane flight is not about food and drink.

But I also do not agree with the termination of the business class. Are we concerned about pollution? Why doesn't Wizz Air say that the price paid by passengers in the business segment covers high pollution? There are passengers who want to enjoy comfort, much more space, privacy. At Wizz Air you just sit with your knees in your mouth.

Let's go back to the battle of prices and services

After reading and re-reading the press release, he thinks Wizz Air has a misplaced approach. First of all, the low-cost airline Wizz Air does not have the skills to get involved in the management of other businesses. Ok, I understand the idea with pollution and CO2, but so do cars and pollution. Shall we ban them?

As for traditional companies, many of them have other strategies to combat pollution. For example, KLM and Lufthansa encourage train travel on short routes.

And, by the way of Wizz Air, I think you should worry about your own flights and not let passengers get lost in airports. Let's go back to the battle of prices and services.

  1. Tobacco Victor says

    I agree with the decommissioning of Business Class. flights less than 5 hours. I like the Wizz attitude. Often it takes an arrogant attitude to change the old fashion patterns. I do not think I am the only one of the young generation who believes that our world does not modernize and make it as efficient as it is needed, considering, in particular, global warming and climate change. I would go further than Wizz goes and propose the First Class on all long flights, where there is also Business Class.
    Let's do everything in our power to combat global warming!

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      The attitude of putting ourselves in the life of others? But what did the people who allow themselves and want to fly in the business do wrong? Do we want everyone to fly in cans?

  2. Tobacco Victor says

    We like or dislike Business Class passengers, they pollute too much and the airlines understand this much better than the passengers. Not in vain even the company Tarom, which is not low cost, has organized on domestic flights Business Class, since October 2018, I think it is a direction to which most of the airlines will go, even if not all, but most of them.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      We like it or not, business passengers pay n times the ticket price compared to a low-cost passenger. Rates where there are pollution taxes. Because most airlines have pollution control services. Whether we like it or not, aviation can't be just low-cost because that's what Wizz Air wants 🙂

  3. George says

    I would like to ask you, what does a passenger from Business pollute more than one from Economy? I don't understand what this has to do with CO2 emissions? I am most surprised that Wizz Air has the ability to compare itself with a State Company, which operates simultaneously with a variety of aircraft and to destinations worldwide, to which is added experience and tradition. Even Tarom, who once was a force, has specialists and a considerable tradition behind it. As far as I know Wizz Air operates only one type of aircraft (A 320 / 321). Being a young company, it is normal for aircraft to be much newer than for state-owned companies. Lufthansa, for example, like the other European state-owned companies, is constantly renewing its fleet, which, in comparison to Wizz Air (if comparisons are still made), must definitely invest incomparably in order to update the systems to reduce the damage. The article also mentions that scales are not a good option for Wizz Air. Uninteresting. I am not willing to go with my feet down my neck and at crazy hours to reach any destination. I prefer a stopover with a civilized Company than flying by bus. I think Wizz Air still has no idea what aviation really means, and their attitude is fundamentalist. It's like saying a Cessna 208 thinks A 380 or Boeing 777-300.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Well take a simple equation. An A320 aircraft configured all business with 40 seats pollutes the same as one configured with 180 seats all economy ... This is the idea that a business passenger pollutes more, improperly said to pollute ...

  4. Alin says

    It is a new concept that if you do not have enough information you can stay in the balance, on the way to take it. But in conclusion yes there is no difference between 180 business places or 180 economy places. The plane flies anyway the fuel is consumed anyway. And with small luggage load differences, passengers will take you to a smaller or larger payload ... all these don't make too big changes.
    If 100 Wizzair airplanes fly daily for 12 hours the math says they will consume more than 25 Tarom aircraft for example even if they fly non-stop.
    And the innovation of NEO and MAX gives a reduced fuel consumption but the number of airplanes doubles every 10 years so the pollution does not decrease but increases.
    As for the good specialists from Tarom, I doubt it is a correct statement. There is a need for a complete reform that will not come too soon.

    1. Sandor Ioan says

      Wizz-air to shut up. Indeed they have dangerous flying buses and without any comfort.I better get on with something more and go with a plane. Maybe they wake up once and ours from the Government to promote the tradition companies and not all the tricks with the so-called law-cost flights. Let's not talk about delayed flights and passengers held through airports. I had the opportunity in Vienna to wait 40 minutes for the plane to Cluj which was delayed because the aircraft did not come from Spain. what landed, passengers and luggage went down, I saw personally how they fed it with the cherry tree, we boarded and we left without even moving someone near the aircraft to see if everything was okay. If you boast about new and unverified blood vessels as they say, what good is it? What does it matter?

      1. Sorin Rusi says

        Aircraft checking is done even if you see or do not see on the window. The on-board instruments monitor the entire aircraft very well. Pilots visually check the plane before any flight. Those in charge of loading / unloading luggage, food etc ... also have the role of technical inspection on each segment. An airplane stays between flights between 30 and 45 minutes, during which the ground crews take care of everything they need for the plane to leave in complete safety, with sufficient fuel and passengers' luggage on board. What you say is due to the lack of information ... There is nothing true about the mentioned. And a car can be driven without always lifting the bonnet…

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