Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, the busiest airport in the world and in 2016

With 104 million registered passengers, Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson is the busiest airport!

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Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport published the figures on 2016. For the 11th consecutive year, the Atlanta airport remains in the first position in categories The busiest airport in the world.

According to the press release, passenger traffic at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport was up 2.64% from the previous year. 1 was recordedNO passengers, of which approximately 92.7 million passengers on domestic traffic in the United States, and about 11.5 million passengers on international traffic.

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

The ATL also reports 898 356 of aircraft movements, takeoffs and landings, being the busiest airport in the US at this point.


In a summary calculation, we can find that an airplane has landed or taken off every 35 of seconds and has carried on average 115.9 passengers.

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