ATR 72-600 YR-ATJ in new TAROM livery (photo)

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The time is coming when TAROM will receive the new ATR 72-600 aircraft. At the end of last year, TAROM mentioned that the first 4 ATR 72-600 aircraft will arrive in Mona February. Here we are near the middle of this month and the long awaited ATR has not yet arrived.

But we have news that 2-3 ATR 72-600 aircraft will arrive soon. Moreover, they will be painted in a new livery, something fresh and more elegant.

TAROM also presented the first images with ATR 72-600 (YR-ATJ), which was painted, and the TAROM livery looks really good. The tail of the aircraft is all painted, and the TAROM logo also descends on the fuselage side. A new hue has appeared in the color scheme. The name of the company is spelled higher, and "Romanian Air Transport" has been painted under the wings, not on the top of the fuselage as it is today.


Even the engines were painted in new colors, with the logo and url of the site inscribed. Hopefully, all TAROM aircraft will receive the new livery.

We are waiting to see the new ATR 72-600 aircraft in Bucharest and to admire the new TAROM livery in flight. You like it?

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