Austria lifts all local restrictions on COVID-19 from 5 March 2022

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As of this Sunday, March 5, passengers and citizens of Austria will no longer be required to comply with local protection measures against COVID-19.

After assessing the current epidemiological situation and taking into account the high vaccination rates, the Austrian authorities have announced that almost all measures will be eliminated.

It was explained that the only measure that will remain in force is to wear FFP2 masks when accessing public transport and essential shops.

"On 5 March, all protective measures against Covid-19 will be lifted, except for the mandatory FFP2 masks in public transport and in essential stores (supermarkets, post offices, banks, pharmacies)", it is shown in the communiqué of the official tourism portal of Austria.

Such a statement suggests that all persons will be able to enter all types of accommodation, restaurants, cafes, cultural institutions and leisure centers without the need to present a valid vaccination or recovery certificate.

In addition to eliminating internal measures, authorities have announced that the clubs will reopen on March 5.

Austria is currently applying "3G rule" for entering the country. This means that all travelers who have a valid certificate for vaccination, illness or a negative test can enter Austria for travel purposes.

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