Austrian Airlines in 2016: 11.4 million passengers carried

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Between January and December 2016, Austrian Airlines reports the transport of 11.4 million passengers. Which means an increase of 5.1% over the year 2015, the equivalent of 547 plus 000 of passengers. This increase is mainly due to the increased flight traffic between Austria and Germany.

Austrian Airlines in 2016

Although it has carried more passengers, Austrian Airlines registers one average aircraft loading degree of 76.1%, with 1.9% lower than the previous year. Austrian Airlines has increased the number of seats available on flights, managed to sell more, but sales did not meet expectations. In 2016, Austrian Airlines has operated 136 112 flights, about 372 of flights per day.


A significant increase in passenger traffic was recorded in December 2016, when Austrian Airlines transported approximately 800 000 passengers, with 13.2% more than 2015. In December 2016, Austrian Airlines transported 2000 of tons of gifts and 246 of fires!

We do not have any information on the revenues recorded in 2016, but we cannot say that it was a brilliant year for Austrian Airlines. Maybe 2017, the year the company will celebrate 60 for years, Austrian Airlines will enjoy much better results.

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