Austrian Airlines has announced the latest flights for Fokker 100

Austrian Airlines will withdraw Fokker 100 aircraft from commercial service. At the end of November, Austrian officials, employees and guests said goodbye to the Fokker 100 aircraft fleet.

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The last plane Fokker NONE Austrian Airlines will continue to fly until 31 December 2017. Information about the latest flights will operate Fokker 100 (OE-LVE) Austrian Airlines.

The last Fokker 100 (OE-LVE) Austrian Airlines will come to Bucharest

Vienna - Basel 27DEC17 OS473 / 474
Vienna - Belgrade 30DEC17 OS773 / 774
Vienna - Brussels 17DEC17 OS351 / 352
Vienna - Bucharest 29DEC17 OS789 / 790
Vienna - Chisinau 29DEC17 OS655 / 656
Vienna - Geneva 25DEC17 OS575 / 576
Vienna - Lyon 26DEC17 OS403 / 404
Vienna - Munich 31DEC17 OS111 / 112
Vienna - Pristina 31DEC17 OS777 / 778, the last flight for the Fokker 100
Vienna - Skopje 21DEC17 OS775 (OS776 on 22DEC17)
Vienna - Sofia 28DEC18 OS793 / 794
Vienna - Warsaw 27DEC17 OS625 / 626

As you can see, the last one Fokker 100 (OE-LVE) Austrian Airlines will also arrive in Bucharest, on the morning of 29 December 2017. Changes in flight schedule may occur!

In 2015, Austrian Airlines signed a contract with Alliance Aviation Services Limited, Australia, to sell 21 fleet of Fokker aircraft (15 Fokker 100 and 6 Fokker 70). The price is set at 15 million dollars. The transaction will have a cash component and an equity component in Alliance.

At the same time, Fokker aircraft were replaced with Embraer E195 aircraft. The transaction started with January 2016, with reception of the first Embraer E195, and ended in August 2017.

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