Commercial aviation will need more than 600 new pilots by 000

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Boeing estimated that 602.000 new pilots, 610.000 new aircraft maintenance technicians and 899.000 new cabin crew members would be needed by 2041. Boeing also estimated that the global aircraft fleet would reach 47.000 planes by 2041.

"As the commercial aviation industry recovers from the pandemic and plans for long-term growth, we anticipate a steady and growing demand for aviation personnel, as well as the continued need for highly effective trainingChris Broom said on July 25, 2022. 

To support the projected increase in passenger demand for air travel, airlines, which have been forced to interrupt and even cancel pilot training programs during the global pandemic, must refocus on new flight crew development processes "However, accelerated training efforts will take years, while experienced pilots are currently in short supplyBoeing said.

According to Boeing, two main factors have led to a pilot shortage, both globally and regionally. The global pandemic has had a negative impact on the careers of junior pilots who have been laid off by airlines. Some of those pilots will not return to the aviation industry, Boeing said. 

"During the same period, numerous veteran pilots accepted voluntary early retirement packages; those who remain will no longer be able to fly commercially once they reach the mandatory retirement age,” the Boeing report said.

"Aspiring pilots who begin flight training today will be positioned to take advantage of emerging opportunities by the time they graduateBoeing explained. 

Meanwhile, a similar scenario is projected for MRO professionals worldwide. Boeing has forecast a gradual increase in demand for maintenance technicians over the next few years, predicting a need for about 610.000 new engineers over the next two decades.  

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