Bacău Airport resumed its activity on October 18, after several postponements. The epic is over!

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Between August 15 and September 30, the runway at Bacău airport underwent an extensive rehabilitation process. 2500 meters of track needed consolidation, resurfacing, in a word "reconstruction". The work at the "George Enescu" Bacău International Airport had to be completed by the end of September, and from October 1, the air traffic had to be resumed.

But it wasn't like that. After the rehabilitation of the runway, which ended on September 23 according to the statements made by the representatives of the Bacău airport, followed a few weeks of tests, trials and calibrations for safe commissioning.

Bacau Airport resumed operations on October 18

We remind you that the great event, which announced the completion of the works, was attended by the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Marcel Ciolacu. The latter went together with a delegation of the Social Democratic Party, including Sorin Grindeanu. I mean, they did what the others did. They bragged about something that wasn't ready :).

Bacău Airport Runway

After several postponements, on October 18, the air passenger traffic was officially resumed at the “George Enescu” International Airport in Bacău. Thus, an extensive modernization project of the airport is completed, started in 2015, consisting of: new passenger terminal, new control tower, modernization of Airport Street and widening to four lanes, respectively construction of a new runway and related runways. In total, 55 million euros attracted through European grants.

The first flight from Bacau, on October 18, Bacau - Milan (Photo: Bacau Airport)

Returning to the reopening of Bacău airport, the first flight operated from the new runway was Bacău - Milano Bergamo. The flight was operated by Blue Air with Boeing 737-800 aircraft (YR-BMO), followed by Rome and London.

Blue Air will continue to gradually resume operations at its base in Bacau to Turin; Brussels; Dublin; Larnaca (from November 1); Paris (from November 3); Cologne; Munich (since 3 November); Athens (November 4); Barcelona (from 3 December).

From October 19, Wizz Air will open the route Bacau - London. And gradually, Wizz Air will open the base in Bacau and 12 new routes to Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Cyprus, Denmark, Belgium.

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