Lost, damaged or delayed luggage? You are entitled to up to 1400 EURO compensation.

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Over the years and during the approximately 400 flights, I personally had 2 luggage problems. In both cases, the suitcase suffered. Not too bad, but we're talking about a damaged property. In one case it came with a broken wheel, in the second case it came with a broken casing. None of them were missing, but these trolleys could no longer be used.

Fortunately, we currently use 2 types of trolleys: 1 for the cabin - CABIN Travelite - made of polyester; 1 for hold - TITAN Shooting Star - polycarbonate. Both are durable, roomy and elegant.

Lost, damaged or delayed luggage?

If you also have problems with hold baggage, if your luggage has been lost or if it has been damaged / delayed, find out that you have the right to compensation. And below I have extracted for you from the law of passenger rights of air transport.

Baggage handed over

If the luggage handed over at check-in has been lost, damaged or arrived late, the responsibility lies with the airline and you are entitled to a compensation up to approximately EUR 1400. But if the damage was caused by a luggage defectyou are not entitled to compensation. This amount covers damaged luggage, lost luggage and also expenses caused by delayed luggage. 

1) Present your boarding pass and hold baggage receipts.

If you do not have a boarding pass you can present any other travel document containing the reservation code. This number is assigned to your flight reservation by the airline and contains a six-character code that can include both letters and numbers.

Hand luggage

If your hand luggage is damaged during the journey, the responsibility lies with the airline only if the damage occurred through his own fault.

Travel insurance

In order to have sufficient coverage when traveling with expensive items, we recommend that you take out private travel insurance. If you do not wish to do so, you may pay extra to be entitled to a higher compensation (over EUR 1400) from the airline you are traveling with. You must do this in advance or at the latest at the time of check-in.

Filing a complaint

If you want to file a complaint, you need to address signed up the airline Within 7 days for loss or damage to luggage or within 21 days upon receipt of the luggage, if it arrived with delay. There is no standard form at EU level.

2) Claim the damage as soon as possible.

From the moment you receive your luggage, you have up to 7 days to present the complaint, but it is best to present it immediately, before leaving the airport.

3) Fill out a Property Irregularity Report.

You may be asked to complete the form if you are claiming damages in person, but some airlines also have online forms.

4) Present your luggage for inspection so that it can be repaired or replaced.

Again, it is best to do this before leaving the airport, if possible. The airline will negotiate a solution with you, whether to repair the luggage, replace it or compensate you.

5) Report luggage items to the airline.

There are a few exceptions to luggage items that are compensated by the airline and it may completely deny liability, but if you can provide convincing evidence that the damage was caused by the airline, it may be worth the time.

NOTE: The airline is not directly responsible for luggage, but the airline is the one between the passengers and the handling company.

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